Perfection is our goal
(Excellence will be tolerated)

Why do "A-list" engineers join and stay at Wright Engineers?

           We're proud to have been recognized as one of
             the nation's best engineering firms to work for
              multiple times! We're currently the #1 ranked
               best structural engineering firm to work for
                  in the nation!

                  If you're an honest, technically skilled,
                   team-minded, high-performer and you want
                  to be part of an organization that fuels
      professional and personal growth, then join us!


Perks of Being on Team Wright
  • Competitive Pay
  • Profit Sharing
  • Half-Day Fridays!
  • Outstanding Health Benefits
  • Flexible Hours and PTO
  • Safe Harbor 401k with aggressive company matching
  • Disability Insurance
  • Family-Friendly Office Environment
  • Company-Sponsored Events
  • Company Paid Training
  • Advancement Opportunities - we promote from within!
  • Interesting and Challenging Projects
  • You Get to Work with a Bunch of Great People!

We don't just say "work hard, play hard" - we live it!

Life Is Short
A small sample of "play hard" company-sponsored activities:
  • Angel's game night
  • 90 day Fitness Challenge. 100's of pounds shed!
  • Family matinee movie
  • Cinco de Mayo Salsa and Guac contest
  • Structural California "Million Dollar" celebration
  • Shark Week fun, contests, and prizes
  • Deep sea fishing for tuna
  • Pole position indoor go-carts
  • St. Patricks Day green waffles
  • Annual California Beach Party
  • 20th anniversary Mexican cruise

Our team members are awesome - and this PROVES it!
Some of the awesome accomplishments - both "on and off the court" - of members of Team Wright:
  • A 4-time Iron Man triathlete
  • A conqueror of tall peaks: Kilimanjaro (19,341'), Whitney (14,505'), Aconcagua (22,841'), Rainier (14,411'), Grand Teton (13,776'), Fuji (12,388'), Mt. Everest Base Camp (17,400')
  • A conqueror of peaks on a mountain bike: 5 time qualifier and finisher of the legendary Leadville Trail 100 MTB
  • A conqueror of canyons: Grand Canyon rim-to-rim, 26 miles, 15 hours
  • Number of team members who've summited Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 states (14,505'): 5
  • The structural engineer for the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, the tallest tower west of the Mississippi!
  • Super Engineers: one licensed in 43 states and one licensed in 39 states
  • A governor-appointed member of the State Board of Engineers
  • A founder of the Structural Engineers Association of Southern Nevada (SEASoN) and multiple past-presidents and other leaders of SEASoN
  • Life Savers: 4 of our team members have literally saved the life of another human being through First Aid
  • A giver of second automotive life: fully restored a 1966 Ford Mustang
  • Languages spoken: Arabic, ASL, Bulgarian, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Korean, Mongolian, Portuguese, Quechua, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Ukrainian, Yoruba,
  • 1 college Suma Cum Laude, 3 college Magna Cum Laude, 10 college Cum Laude
  • A high school student body president and 3 high school class presidents
  • 17 Eagle Scouts
  • 2 heroic cancer survivors!
  • A flaming torch juggling unicycling magician
  • An amateur radio operator
  • A black belt
  • A Kendo practitioner (martial arts with bamboo swords)
  • An ultra-marathon runner

Current Openings

Las Vegas Office

  • Entry-level structural engineer
  • Senior-level structural engineer
  • Phoenix Office

    • Entry-level structural engineer
    • Revit/CAD Technician
    • Irvine Office

      • Entry-level structural engineer
      The Wright Engineers Structural Engineering Scholarship
      We think structural engineers are awesome! …and we'd love to help you reach your goal of becoming a structural engineer. If you'll be a full-time civil engineering graduate student or in your senior year and your emphasis of study is structural engineering, you should apply. Click here for the application.

      Best Firms
      (Actual quotes from some of our team members - submitted anonymously for the Best Firms to Work For survey)
      "...huge opportunities for personal/professional growth."
      "Wright's values place importance on both quality of work and quality of life outside of work."
      "The culture here is more like a small family run company, but we have top quality engineers who we can ask for advice."
      "All employees are made to feel their contribution and job performance is crucial to the company success. It's a team effort."
      "...they just don't offer a good working environment, they also encourage everyone to advance..."
      "The environment is always positive, enjoyable, drama free, and professional."
      "I would strongly recommend a friend to join Wright Engineers mostly because I have enjoyed working here..."

      Compass Our Core Values
      • Excellence

        perfection is our goal (excellence will be tolerated)
      • Balance between work and personal life

        work hard, play hard
      • A fun and happy work environment

      • Constant improvement

        there's always room for improvement
      • Honesty and integrity

        we do what we say we'll do when we said we'd do it
      • Service

        we are "there" for our clients and each other

      Sample our Company Culture and Policies Handbook

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