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Those dang duck penetrations always seem to show up in the wrong places! 

I'm an outdoorsman and occasional hunter, though most of the time all I take home are memories.

This guy reminds me of a pretend hunter I used to know who bags "trophies" at canned hunts where tame animals are grazing on hay less than a stone's throw away.  Once as he described a recent buffalo hunt, more...
As the 77 million baby boomers continue to retire, the need for senior care services continues to grow.  The senior population age 65 and older is expected swell to about 20 percent of the total US population.  About 1 million Americans now reside in some type of senior care facility, and that number is expected to nearly double by 2030.  Wright Engineers is pleased to help meet the growing demand for senior care services including senior housing, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities by providing engineering services for many of these projects including those pictured above.
Wright Engineers' CEO Brent Wright (above right) recently sat on a panel of Las Vegas area architecture and engineering decision-makers to discuss issues relevant to the industry.  The panel was moderated by Connie Brennan, publisher and CEO of Nevada Business Magazine.  Click here for the full article starting on page 15 of the July 2016 edition of Nevada Business Magazine.

Las Vegas, NV

43,000 sf 3-story mixed use bldg

Draper, UT

2-story office building

Las Vegas

150,000 sf, 2-story assisted living

Scottsdale, AZ

5 plan residential community

Buena Park, CA

17,000 sf butterfly exhibit

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