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Why do some people seem to feel that the more times the engineer signs his name the better?  If they had their way, engineers would spend more...

Cancer impacts all of us in one way or another. 5 for the Fight is not just another cancer charity trying to raise awareness. It's not looking to treat this disease. It's on a mission to eradicate it!  At Wright Engineers, we're stepping up and we invite you to join us. 100% of your donations go directly to finding a cure for cancer. Your donations go to the specific research facility you select. We have invited our team members to donate at least $5 each paycheck through payroll deduction and Wright Engineers will be matching each donation. We encourage you to make a one-time donation by clicking here, or by contacting Amber Winn at (801) 352-2001 to explore ways to bring 5 for the Fight to your organization. Everyone can give five dollars, and we need everyone - because we've got to find a cure!


According to Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine, construction material prices are up about 10 percent over one year ago and steadily rising.  Associated Builders and Contractors Chief Economist Anirban Basu compares the current run up in prices to the period immediately before the Great Recession and predicts that construction prices will continue to increase, though the current rate of increase appears unsustainable.  Higher material costs underscore why it makes great sense to hire a structural engineer who understands how to balance minimizing material quantities with a functional and safe building.

Phoenix, AZ
94,555 SF senior housing
Las Vegas, NV
250,000 SF warehouse
Poway, CA
3,600 SF retail building
Las Vegas, NV
300 unit apartment complex
Alpine, UT
10,513 SF custom home
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