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I can relate to this guy ...and his serious medical condition.  My dad used to tell me "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".  I had no idea who Jack was, but more...



You see them all over, usually near freeways - enormous concrete buildings covering several acres and often surrounded by rows of semi-trailers.  These buildings primarily house industrial, warehouse and office activities and can have interior clear heights (the unobstructed height from the floor to the underside of the roof framing) of 36 feet or more.  Tilt-up walls are strong and secure yet require less labor and are built much faster than other traditional forms of construction such as masonry walls.  Wright Engineers is the structural engineer for millions of square feet of tilt-up buildings, including about 2.5 million square feet just recently completed or currently under construction.  Pictured above is Clearwater Paper by Lee & Sakahara Architects.  Below left is CJ Pony Parts also by Lee & Sakahara Architects.  Below right are the twin Aristocrat buildings by architect Ed Vance & Associates.


Wright Engineers is pleased to announce the addition of six new shareholders.  Tom Allen, SE (Irvine office), Blake Scoresby, PE (Phoenix office), and Tina Dias, PE, Ben Rogers, SE, and Dave Rowe, SE (all in the Las Vegas office) are principals in their respective offices and have each been with Wright for over 15 years.  "It's thrilling to see a next generation of company leaders advancing forward", said CEO Brent Wright.  "They're each skilled and seasoned professionals and they will ensure the momentum and success of the company well into the future".


Wright Engineers is pleased to announce that Paul Krizan, PE has been promoted to principal.  Paul works out of our Phoenix office and has 15 years of experience with the structural engineering of residential, commercial and industrial projects.  Paul likes to say that the first project he stamped was a custom home for his parents.  He and his wife Jessica have two boys ages 4 and 2.  When he's not in the office, Paul likes to golf and take road trips with his family to the mountains. 

Mesa, AZ
6,500 SF retail pad building
Las Vegas, NV
Industrial building park
Wayne, NJ
6,000 SF restaurant building
Provo, UT
7,000 SF church building
Costa Mesa, CA
2-story private school
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