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The supreme challenge of our time:  how to be available and provide great service without being a slave to your inbox.  Can it be done?  A couple of years ago, a 4 hour response time seemed to make most email senders happy.  Today it's under an hour.  At the rate this is going, in a couple of years a response will be expected before the email is received.  more...
Las Vegas' Historic Westside School was recently rededicated after completion of a $12.5 million restoration. The building, Las Vegas' first public school constructed in 1923, was also the first school to welcome African-American students in the 1940s. The school closed in the 1960s and is now listed on the National, Nevada, and Las Vegas Registers of Historic Places. KME Architects is the project's architect. Wright Engineers is proud to have provided all structural, civil, and MEP engineering services.
Wright Engineers has been ranked nationally as one of the best engineering firms to work for, and a key part of our mission is to be a destination employer.  "This means we want a line of great people waiting outside our door wanting to join our team, and once they get in, we want them to love it so much they never leave," says CEO Brent Wright.  "Happy staff means happy clients which is great for business!" With that in mind, we're grateful to be able to brag that about a quarter of our entire staff and almost half of our structural team have been with Wright Engineers for a decade or longer.  We thought it would be fun to share pictures of them doing something they enjoy outside the office.

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