Elizabeth (Liz) Cera Business Development

Specs: Liz is a well-known face in the commercial real estate and development industry and has worked alongside many of the most influential Architects, Engineers and Contractors nationally and internationally.  She is an active member of ICSC, BIA, and ULI where she serves on the Retail and Entertainment Council.  Liz served as a board member of the LAHQ, the Los Angeles Headquarters Association, for over 15 years.  She attended Coleman Business College in San Diego.

On the Job: Liz is a recognized expert in the development and implementation of industry-specific sales and marketing and has provided her services to Wright Engineers since 2004.  With over 25-years of business development experience within the hospitality, commercial, retail and residential building industries, Liz has assembled some of the most influential Architects, Designers, Engineers, Developers, and Contractors together on many lucrative and influential projects.

After Hours: Liz enjoys bicycling, cooking, entertaining and traveling.