NAIOP Award Winners

NAIOP Southern Nevada recently named the 2016 Spotlight Award winners at its annual gala at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Winning projects include Cowabunga Bay Water Park by R & 0 Construction, Thatcher Company of Nevada’s headquarters designed by EV&A Architects, Encompass Studio’s Landwell Company Cadence Office Building, and Lindbergh 4 Ever Men tenant improvement in Downtown Summerlin by Affordable Concepts and architect Steve Richardson. Wright Engineers is proud to have provided engineering services for each of these award winning projects.



Zuni Mission School

The gymnasium at Zuni Mission School was so small that the players on the bench had to stand against the wall to keep from being on the undersized court. Soon, thanks to a new building, they will be able to sit comfortably on chairs several feet back from the court while spectators sit in the bleachers on the other side of the court. Wright Engineers stepped into the project when the owner decided the original steel column and beam design was not the solution. By replacing the steel with curved glu-lam beams and using structural insulated panels (SIP) for the roof and walls, Wright Engineers was able to expand the usable area, create an inviting space, and provide an environmental envelope that will save over 50% on their utility costs. The 36 foot tall SIP walls provide both vertical and lateral support while the SIPs on the roof span between the glu-lam beams eliminating the need for joists or purlins. The SIP construction allowed the building to go up quickly and reduced construction costs significantly.