When a client expressed concern that framing his new restaurant with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) seemed too complicated, Wright Engineers’ project manager and SIP expert Brian von Allworden assured him it was so simple he could “grab some engineers from our office and build it in a couple of days.” To Brian’s surprise, the client called him on it and told him to go ahead.

The next Friday, five structural engineers from Wright Engineers’ Phoenix office took the day off, strapped on shiny new tool belts, and armed themselves with a hammer and cordless driver. After a quick lesson from Brian, they went to work installing the SIP walls and roof panels. By the end of the day, the walls and most of the roof were installed. A few hours on Saturday buttoned up the SIP installation. In the process, the engineers gained a new perspective into what it’s like to work a full day as an integral part of the controlled chaos on a construction site. According to Brian, “this hands-on experience of actually building from their own plans helped them grow as engineers and put them in a better position to work closer with our clients.”




The self-certification program administered by some municipalities accelerates the traditional plan review process by allowing the design professional to certify that a project complies with the building code and local standards and ordinances. Depending on the jurisdiction, eligible projects can be issued a permit as soon as one to five calendar days. Wright Engineers is active with the City of Phoenix self-certification program for several years now with frequent projects benefitting from the expedited process. The Cities of Peoria, Mesa, and Chandler and the Town of Surprise each have a self-certification program similar to the City of Phoenix. The City of North Las Vegas recently initiated a self-certification program patterned after the Phoenix program and Wright Engineers has been certified to participate. Restrictions apply as to which projects are eligible. Contact us if you’re interested in expediting the plan review process for your project.