We never set out to be sign engineers, but we certainly have become pretty good at it! We know wind loads and we know steel design and we’re licensed and do work in all 50 states, so it turns out to be a great fit.

Signs are everywhere you look, from tall freeway pole signs to menu boards and wall signs.  Chances are, you’ve seen our work since most signs require structural engineering to ensure that they safely withstand wind and other loads.  While we’re always designing one-off signs here and there for various projects and clients, for the past 13 years we’ve design literally thousands of signs Everbrite.  If you happen upon a McDonalds or a Taco Bell or a plethora of other brand signs anywhere in the country, there is a decent chance we engineered it and Everbrite built it.

Recently, we provided structural engineering for interior signage for the new Raider’s Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.  Teamed with Architectural Design & Signs we designed structures and attachments for signs advertising several local-themed restaurants, video signs, and major signage for MGM and Coors (pictured above).



Abandoned housing developments in Arizona left behind from the collapse of the homebuilding industry from the Great Recession are coming back to life.  Now that housing is booming again, these partially built neighborhoods along I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson are being snatched up by developers as they scramble to keep up with the demand for housing.  These Zombie developments already have sewers, streets and streetlights and are ready for builders to start vertical construction.



With nearly everyone working remotely, 2020 was the perfect opportunity to renovate our Irvine office.  Take a virtual tour here. Props to Missy Heid Photography for the great shots.