We think engineers are awesome! …and we love to help any aspiring engineers reach their goal of becoming a structural engineer. For many years Wright Engineers has sponsored scholarships at a few selected universities.  Now, the Wright Structural Engineering Scholarship is available to any full-time civil engineering student who is (or is about to be) in their senior year or beyond and whose emphasis of study is structural engineering.  If you or someone you know fits that description, the scholarship application is here.


$5,000 reward








Get a cool $5,000 when you refer to us a candidate for the senior-level structural engineer position in Las Vegas and we hire them (or if you “refer” yourself and we hire you for the position, keep the $5,000 for yourself). If you or someone you know has 4 or more years of relevant experience and would like to work where taxes are low, housing is affordable, and commutes are short and easy for the nation’s number 1 best structural engineering firm to work for, contact us here.