Virtually every municipality in the country has adopted the IBC (International Building Code) or their own customized version of the IBC as their building code. And every three-year code cycle, a new edition of the IBC is published to accommodate new construction materials, methods and technologies and to make corrections or improvements to building safety and performance.  The 2021 IBC is the most recent edition, and some municipalities have already adopted it or are in the process of adopting it now.  However, many municipalities elect to skip one or more code cycles or delay adoption, so your municipality may be working under a much older edition.  In some areas, every municipality in the entire state may adopt the same edition at the same time.  In other areas, neighboring cities could be operating under IBC editions that are several code cycles apart from each other, or they may have local code amendments the are much different from their neighbor.  Knowing the applicable code and amendments as well as upcoming code adoption schedules and enforcement grace periods for projects already in the planning and design process is critical to a successful project.  The local building official is a great resource for this information.  We can also help and advise.



Situated on about 3-1/2 acres just a stone’s throw from Frisco Toyota Stadium and Frisco Fresh Market, a 315-unit apartment development is taking shape.  The community will feature a resort-style pool with lounge seating, outdoor courtyards, a clubhouse and fitness center, dog park, and rooftop deck.  “Wright Engineers is honored to provide the structural engineering for Humphreys and Partners Architects for this project,” said Braden Forbush, PE, principal and director of Wright’s Texas operations.