Design is nearing completion for the 13-story Prestige tower located in the south end of the Salt Lake Valley. The multi-family condominium building is the first of a planned four-tower mixed-use complex. Onsite soil conditions required that the steel-framed building be founded on 90 foot deep auger cast piles. Construction is expected to begin mid-summer. Russell Platt Architecture is the project architect. Wright Engineers’ David Winn, SE, is principal in charge and structural engineer for the project.



The Prestige Las Vegas Corporate Challenge

Eighteen thousand employees from 125 companies from all over Las Vegas came together last month to compete in the 2016 Corporate Challenge. Events included swimming, softball, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and track and field. Erik Anderson, SE (pictured top left) was Wright’s team captain and garnered numerous personal medals. Wright Engineers team called “Engineers and More,” which also included team members from several other companies, won first place in swimming and track and field. Our congratulations to all who participated.