Wright Engineers is pleased to announce that it has awarded the 2020 – 2021 academic scholarships to two outstanding engineering students. Jessica Sanchez (left), from Pomona, California, is pursuing a master’s degree in structural engineering at UC San Diego. As an undergraduate student, Jessica was active in the Society of Civil and Structural Engineers. Jessica served as the lead welder for the steel bridge competition, the Education Chairman for the Construction Management Association of America, and was the secretary for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Jessica is expected to graduate in December 2021. Kara McLaughlin (right), from Mentor, Ohio, is pursuing a master’s degree in structural engineering at UC San Diego. In addition to building a solid academic record, Kara has worked multiple jobs to support herself. Kara had the opportunity to teach first-year engineering students, worked as a research assistant, and completed an internship. Kara is expected to graduate in December 2021.

We would like to thank the dozens of applicants who represented the numerous universities and wish them the very best in their future career.



With all the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, families, children, seniors and veterans are among the most vulnerable and hardest hit.  Some have difficulty getting groceries and basic necessities.  To address this need, several mobile markets staffed by volunteers were set up in parking lots scattered throughout the Las Vegas Valley.  At the mobile market, people drive through in their car with their trunk open, and as the car passes by, volunteers load the trunk with grocery items such as potatoes, onions, milk, meat, fruits, etc.  Aditya Inbasekaran (or Adi as he’s called by his friends), project manager in Wright Engineers’ Las Vegas office, volunteered at the mobile market set up at Orr Middle School.  “I saw this as an opportunity to do something useful on a Saturday morning,” he said.  “I was responsible to see that families in each car were signed in.  No proof of ID was required.  Some families carpooled to save fuel or help another family without a car, so separate boxes of groceries were loaded in the trunk for each family. There was a long que of cars waiting for us to start, and they were happy and thanked us for the job we did.”  Adi estimates that over 200 families were helped at his location.