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“I feel like I’ve had a storybook career at Wright Engineers. And I don’t feel like I’m alone in being able to say this. Others have similar stories. And that is the magic of Wright. I joined Wright as a small but quickly growing firm almost 22 years ago. From day one, straight out of college, I was given the title and responsibilities of a Project Manager. I grew into being a competent Project Manager quickly! In the years that followed, as I saw ways that I thought the firm could improve, Brent listened and allowed me to implement my ideas (the good ones, that is!). After just 3-1/2 years I was entrusted to open a branch office and became a Principal. I grew extremely quickly during that time! Now I have a very successful team of my own here in Southern California that I am immensely proud of. Wright Engineers has consistently given me as much responsibility as I’ve wanted to take on. And I’m so grateful for that. I wouldn’t want a career any other way!”

Wright Engineers
Scott Jones
Executive VP, Director of California Operations

“I have been provided with various challenges and rewards throughout the years that have helped me and pushed me to grow in my profession and as a person. I enjoy all fun things in and out of the office. I have had one job since I graduated college and I can’t’ imagine have to work anywhere else. I enjoy that everyone is willing to also grow and progress and adapt and change over the years to make the working environment continuously improving.
Every job has days when things seem hard and frustrating but when you are supported by your mentors and peers, it helps to get through such days.
– The freedom you are given to do your work and grow as much as you are willing to.”

Wright Engineers
Tina Dias, PE, SE

“Working at Wright Engineers, you really need to do what you love. Sometimes, you may think, “why am I here?” but if you truly love what you do at Wright, then you are in the right place.
If you have a complaint to air, make sure you have a possible solution! The best thing about working at Wright Engineers is the people I work with have been like family; they have been there for me when I needed them. I got to bring in my first baby, Tomi, when I was transitioning from maternity leave back to full time, and Wright Engineers let me work the day with her by my side for a period of 6 weeks!”

Wright Engineers
Joelle Franco
CAD Tech

“I have been so blessed to work at Wright Engineers over the last several years. Wright has taken care of myself and my family in so many ways during my time at the company. Just one major example is when I became pregnant and wanted to transition to an at home position my team was very supportive in the shift and even welcome my kids onto Zoom video calls to this day. I don’t believe ordinary companies would be so extraordinarily flexible like Wright Engineers has been and I am so lucky to be on a team that supports me and loves my kids. Wright Engineers is a truly special company and anyone that becomes a team member becomes part of the family.”

Wright Engineers
Anna Graves
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The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.

– Jonas Salk